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Our Mercenaries

=MBO= sector7g (Colonel)

=MBO= SHMEE (Lieutenant General)

=MBO= Tuyen (Private)

=MBO= BL4S7UM (First Sergeant)

=MBO= Karkus (1st Lieutenant)      

=MBO= Loon '0' (Gunnery Sergeant)

=MBO= Darth Mooten (Sergeant)

=MBO= Inquitus (Private)

=MBO= T1NY (Private)

=MBO= Mini Loon (Lance Corporal)  

=MBO= Pedrobob (Gunnery Sergeant)

=MBO= Fossoyeur (private)

=MBO= ARVN67 (Gunnery Segeant)

=MBO= Bobbie (Private)

=MBO= chinoisvert67 (Lance Corporal)

=MBO= Midnight (Private)

=MBO=Torn4do (Private)

=MBO=Vavavau (Corporal)

=MBO=Lex (Private)

=MBO=W4RCR1MES (Private First Class)

=MBO= Monstage (Private)

=MBO= whuzak (Private)

=MBO= Spectre (Private)

=MBO= Chopper (Private)

=MBO= P.T. (Private)

=MBO= Robbie-2b (Private)

=MBO= westferret (Private)

=MBO= Killdred (Private)

Clan Allies

=MBO= are proud to serve as mercenaries for

Paintball Outlets that we use

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